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We are an Independent member of the NHER Energy rating scheme.

An air pressure test on a new house with test fan inserted in the front door

Providing a quality assured energy rating known as SAP to architects and , builders to ensure compliance with part L1 of the building regulations, conservation of heat and power.
Diagram showing the typical air leakage paths in a house SAP 2005 has a new measurement of carbon emissions known as the Target Emission Rate (TER). The TER must be equal to or greater than the actual Dwelling Emission Rate (DER) to achieve a pass under these new measurements. Air pressure testing is also a new requirement under the regulations.
New houses require an energy rating which must be supplied to the new owner We also provide the energy ratings for new build commercial property known as the Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM). This has similar criteria to SAP 2005 in that TER and Building Emission Rate (BER) are calculated and compared to give a pass fail result.
Builders There is a requirement under Part L1A building regulations to submit a SAP 2005 energy rating... more

Architects No matter what size your new build project is it will almost certainly require an energy rating... more

Pricing Please contact me for SAP 2002 SAP 2005 and SBEM prices as these are dependent upon... more
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